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Artwork Requirements

At Guertin Graphics, your artwork can be printed on t-shirts and a large variety of promotional products. To send us your artwork, please be sure that it fits the following guidelines.


"Camera Ready" Artwork

The only form of artwork we can accept as “camera-ready” are VECTOR GRAPHICS images saved as either CorelDraw (our preferred type), Illustrator 10 or below, or EPS with ALL TEXT CONVERTED TO OUTLINES. Vector files cannot contain embedded bitmap images. We are PC based, so Mac only files are not acceptable. All other file types will be subject to an art charge!


Other File Types

We can accept Tiff, JPG, BMP, GIF, and most other graphics file types, but these will not be considered camera ready and will require our art department to rework them in order to make them usable for screen printing. 


Artwork Sizing

All raster artwork (.jpg, .bmp, .gif, etc) should be sent actual size. If you wish the image to be printed at 12″ across, the image you send should be 12″ across.


Artwork Resolution

We cannot correct for low resolution or poor scanning. Resolution should not be lower than 300 dpi, and while we can take images at higher resolutions, the extra detail will not translate in a screen printed image, so we don’t recommend it.   



We cannot accept artwork done using word processor programs like Word. In addition, we cannot accept any artwork made using presentation programs such as Powerpoint or publisher.  Lastly, we do not accept artwork created using page layout programs such as Quark.


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